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Arches & Co. is birthed from the love I have for weddings and celebrations. 


Often used during solemnization ceremonies, a personalized arch is created and designed with the couple in mind.

An arch is made with lots of patience, dedication and also, sturdy materials.

It signifies the foundation of a relationship.

It has to be carefully built with as much effort, time, patience and love possible.

The arch is then decorated with various items such as foliage, floral, garlands, fairy lights, cloths – you name it, and for me, all these extra items represent the little things shared between the couple; the laughter, the inside jokes, the love towards similar interests, the love towards each other’s differences.


The little details are at times overlooked, but just like the arch, if you truly look at them you will realize how much beauty and grace they add. Needless to say, Arches & Co.’s logo was designed with all of the above well-kept in mind. 

Vasu & Eunice-0402.jpg

It took me many months of deliberation before deciding to do this.

I thought about couples putting their hope and trust on me, believing that I would be able to give them 100% and nothing less. It hit me that it simply wouldn’t be fair to them if I were to only do this part time. I had to go all-in; and so I did.

I attended a 7-month long wedding planning course whilst working full-time. Figured it would help me ensure I got all the bases covered, and ultimately educate me more about the industry. Some might think that it is not a necessary thing to do, but I happen to feel differently. 


Taking the course whilst working full-time provided me the opportunity to work with a local wedding stylist on a part-time basis, where I helped out with wedding styling on the weekends. 

I knew from the very beginning that I wasn’t going to become a wedding stylist, but I wanted to understand how stylists work, how patient they are in making sure everything is in its right place and how much work is involved to put together a beautiful set-up. In my free time, I also tried to learn about floral arrangement, calligraphy and watercolour painting. I knew I was not going to be a professional or some sort in those fields but I merely wanted to understand the work involved in each area.


And it’s not just in those 3 things. I want to know about anything that is related to wedding planning. I want to know the time and effort needed to find the perfect placement of a vase filled with flowers I want to know how many strokes of practice it takes to paint the perfect watercolour wreath. I want to know how much weight-lifting is needed to hold and create a gorgeous bridal bouquet. There are so many things involved in planning a wedding, and I know that I can never do all of them myself, but I want to learn from these people as much as possible. I want to be able to relate to them so I could educate my clients, but most importantly, I want to know all this so I will not take for granted on how much work is done to make a wedding happen.

The arch is not just a façade,

it’s where love resides and builds its base on

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