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For change of wedding date, kindly fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Do note that the new date is confirmed only when you receive a written confirmation from us.

Please provide at least 2 preferred dates, just in case your first option is no longer available.

Reservation of new date is based on first come first serve basis.

In view of the current Covid-19 situation, please see below some of the precautions that Arches & Co. will be taking, as the health of our team and clients are our utmost priority.


  • Every staff(s) assigned to be present at your wedding celebration are required to report their travel history to the management team. We will ensure that none of the staff present at your wedding has travelled outside of Singapore within the last 14 days before your wedding celebration.

  • Arches & Co. will assign an alternate wedding coordinator to be present at your wedding, in the event that the initial wedding coordinator assigned is deemed to be unfit to carry out duties and/or pose as a threat to the safety of the client and their family and/or friends.

  • If we are unable to find a replacement of wedding coordinator to be present at your wedding, Arches & Co. will inform you immediately, and a full refund of the deposit will be made to you, whereupon we shall be discharged from all obligations under the engagement.

  • Arches & Co. will not be able to handle guests' phone for photo taking. If required, we can assist to take photos for you and/or your guests using our own personal phones, and we will send the photos to you after the wedding celebration is completed.

  • Arches & Co. will be transparent and honest to our clients about our travel history, medical conditions (if found to be ill), and we will also inform you if any of us, or person(s) living with us has been served a stay home notice and/or is quarantined. It is required for clients to also be honest to Arches & Co., if the client's family members and/or friends who will be present at the wedding celebration have been served a stay home notice and/or is under quarantine.

  • In the event where the client has been in close contact with person(s) who has been identified as a confirmed case, or is a close contact of a confirmed case, Arches & Co. reserves the rights to be notified by the client immediately. Discussion of next steps will then be conducted between clients and Arches & Co.

With the rise in number of cases globally, many countries have imposed strict travel bans, resulting in frustration amongst many of you, especially if you have guests travelling from all over the world to attend your joyous celebration.


We can't imagine how you could possibly be feeling right now but please know that we are open to allowing postponements, subject to the team's availability, on a first come first serve basis. This statement is not intended to instil fear, but to share options in allowing you to plan ahead should there be any possibility of you thinking of postponing your wedding celebration.


  • We allow 1 time change of date, from February 2020 until May 2021.

  • No additional fee will be charged to the client for 1 time change of date.

  • If you are planning to postpone your wedding, kindly check with us before you confirm the new date.
    This is to ensure that we are still available on your newly chosen date.

  • If you have proceeded to confirm the new date before obtaining our written confirmation and if we happen to be unavailable,
    we apologize that we are unable to accommodate your request and that we will not be able to process a refund of any amount paid.



  • If you are planning to cancel your wedding, we are unable to process a refund of any amount paid, as per stated on the contract.

  • This is because we have set aside time and other engagements to be available on your wedding day,
    and the deposit received is a fair and reasonable estimate of the loss and damage suffered if the booking is terminated.

  • We apologize for this inconvenience but rest assured that we will do what we can to accommodate your change of date,
    should you choose to postpone your wedding.


Once again, thank you for being so patient and understanding in this tough period.

Do take care, wash your hands frequently and drink more water :)




on behalf of Arches & Co.

Change of Date Request Form

Thank you for your submission, we will get back to you within 24 hours :)

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