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  • I've had a look at your website and services but I'm still not sure if I need a wedding planner
    Hello and congratulations on your engagement! Fret not, you can call/e-mail/meet us and we will be happy to explain our services to you in person or over the phone! We understand that hiring a wedding planner is not for everyone so we practice a no-hard-selling policy :)
  • How long in advance should I engage your services?
    We recommend checking with us to see if we are available on your event date, and we would arrange to meet up with you for a no-obligation first appointment after that! Afterall, it is important to us to ensure we are the right fit for your event.
  • We would love to plan our own wedding but we simply have no time to meet up with vendors, which suite of service is suitable for us?"
    All our packages are highly customisable, based on your needs and requirements! If you are looking to be highly involved in the wedding planning process but need someone to take over vendor management, you could consider the Partial Planning services. Do contact us to see how we can make an arrangement for you!
  • Our wedding is happening very soon and it is not within the recommended time frame of engaging your services but we really need help!
    Don't worry at all! Do reach out to us as soon as possible and we will see what we can do for you. If we are not available on your wedding date, we will recommend to you a list of trusty wedding planners you can engage :)
  • We know what we want for our wedding/event, but we need recommendations on vendors who can deliver what we have envisioned. How do we go about this?"
    You could consider our Helping Hand services, where we can assist in hunting down vendors with the best fit for your event :)
  • My partner and I are really busy, can we just tell you our wedding date and engage you to be our planner?"
    We would be honoured to be your planner! However to ensure that we are a right fit for each other, we would usually prefer to have a meet-up in person, to ensure that we get to know more about each other. Afterall, most wedding planning journey takes anytime from 6 months to 18 months, and we would want you to be confident and comfortable about the decision you're making :) We will try to keep things as short as possible, and we try to keep the first consultation to an average of one hour.
  • How much would it cost to engage your services?
    Thank you for your interest in engaging us! We understand that every event is different and we will be able to better advise on the cost based on the level of involvement required from us. Depending on your needs and requirements, we will provide you with a detailed quote once we have more information. Do contact us for more detailed information :)
  • Can you please provide a detailed list of all the items included in your fee?
    Yes, for sure! The list will be outlined in the contract and will be explained to you in person as well.
  • We have a few vendors whom we'd like to engage, will you be able to work with them?"
    Yes, of course! We are open to working with all vendors, however if you need some recommendations, we do have a list of trusted vendors to introduce you to as well!
  • For the vendors who will be on site on the day of our wedding, can we pass the cheques to you which you can then distribute to them?"
    Yes, you definitely can! We will liaise with the vendors and provide proof of payment to you thereafter.
  • Do you do destination weddings?
    Yes, we do! Contact us to find out more!
  • Is your company registered?
    Yes, we are a registered company with IRAS in Singapore.
  • I am a fellow vendor in the wedding/event industry! Are you open to collaborations?
    Hello! :) Yes we are! Drop us a note and we will be in touch soon!
  • Are you open to styled shoots? I'm a creative and coordinating things isn't my forte
    No worries at all! We are up for it - drop us a note and we shall discuss more :)
  • Can you please list me as a preferred vendor on your site?
    We are in the midst of curating this list! :) Let's chat!
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